Donut I met Matt outside the stadium. He gave me my ticket and we walked through the gate. “Take Me Out to The Ball Park” blared over the speakers. Ross and Heidi appeared with beers in hand. “Let’s go in,” someone suggested. Joking, I said, “All I ask for is not get hit in the head…” Ross looked at me read more >>

Ramp Two friendly carpenters took down the ramp the day before. The ramp had been built by friends four years prior, just days after our accident. We’d ridden our wheelchairs onto it, limped our way up and down its gentle slop—first with walkers, then canes, then on our own two legs, hand grasping a railing for support. For the last read more >>

Team Player The fathers of my son’s teammates keep ignoring me. I walk up to one pair and say hello. They grunt back “hey” and then wait silently for me to move on. I hear them start back up their conversation after only a few steps. Two more pretend not to see me. Another father, at halftime, stressed by our read more >>

Conquest The safe bet: she likes the taste of the old glue that binds the ancient paperbacks. Or the soft, torn covers invite her to chew. And that she’s picked not one, not two, but three of his books could be chalked up to their proximity to her snout (second shelf from the floor). But, for whatever reason, my nine-month read more >>

Summer Stay After a long day of travel and a night of uneven sleep, I slip out of the house before everyone starts to gather and head out for a walk. Halfway down the block I pass a dilapidated, one-story house on this block of fancy, remodeled homes. I have walked by it dozens of times and never quite noticed read more >>