Deliverance Reading in the Times how for years Bowie walked down Manhattan streets un-accosted, so unlike his many on-stage personas he was nearly invisible—just a baseball hat, a pair of cargo shorts and a fuck-you finger pointed to the ground. Maybe some aging hipster flashes a thought: “That guy looks a lot like David Bowie.” But maybe not even. Davie read more >>

Changes No wonder we search for it All our days. No wonder We seek just a glimpse of it And, catching that glimpse, Are changed. Gregory Orr The first man crossed over the road quickly—a brief head-turn to gauge my distance and speed—and onto the other side in plenty of time. The second man, not looking up, rushed awkwardly into read more >>

The Generalist: A Romance A young man sets out to catalogue the entirety of subjective experience—an inherently impossible, encyclopedic task that requires him to both act out and witness a series of encounters increasingly outside his usual, mundane routine. The young man focuses the project inside the small city he lives in, working out a schedule that allows him to read more >>

New The reason why we love lists so much, Umberto Eco posits, is because we are so afraid to die. Sounds about right. On my walk this morning, I spotted first a “Chipmunk Crossing” sign posted at ankle height then a handmade “Cat Crossing.” The bears in this neighborhood need no such signage; they just plow on through. In the read more >>

Recoil Small towns can be rough. Especially when you’ve fucked up and rumors abound. Even years later, somehow you’re still a marked man. I am getting used to the peculiar phenomenon I like to call the “slow recoil.” You meet someone, they seem to enjoy meeting you, then, maybe at the end of the conversation, something flicks on in their read more >>