Close A quick look of mischief in her eyes. “Who’d you vote for?” I was getting a six-pack of beer, the obligatory I Voted sticker an emblem on my shirt. The young clerk couldn’t have been more than seventeen. Tall, thin as a rail, her skin unblemished and glowing in the supermarket light. I could barely look at her. “Hilary.” read more >>

Notes from Vegas Strip …a land of canned music seeping nostalgically out of every bush. Of young women waiting to accompany you in a photo, naked but for pasties, a pair of panties and a set of bunny ears. Of a garrulous Elvis impersonator riding around drunk in a scooter cart insulting passers-by. Of earnest men dressed all in black read more >>

Black Hills Not the abruptly slowing cars ahead, or the way traffic snarled to a standstill, now inching forward as the right lane merged with the left; not the blinking lights ahead, nor the ambulance sprawled sideways across the lanes; not the men and women huddled in the breakdown lane; not even the one automobile, turned over on its hood, read more >>

Man Suddenly Remembers Who He Is, Solves His Own Cold Case It was a no-brainer: he looked in the mirror and saw what he could see inside the fog. And there he was! Or at least he thought he could be. Why not? Twenty years vanished in quicksilver. He was back! It was as easy as 1-2-3. It was the read more >>

The Present Coming out of the woods near the end of a lovely meander through melting snow, sun out, I hear a dog fight up ahead at the bend. I still the dogs, hoping that a short wait will afford us a window: just after the dogs heading up hill and just behind the ones heading down. But no such read more >>