Black Hills Not the abruptly slowing cars ahead, or the way traffic snarled to a standstill, now inching forward as the right lane merged with the left; not the blinking lights ahead, nor the ambulance sprawled sideways across the lanes; not the men and women huddled in the breakdown lane; not even the one automobile, turned over on its hood, read more >>

Man Suddenly Remembers Who He Is, Solves His Own Cold Case It was a no-brainer: he looked in the mirror and saw what he could see inside the fog. And there he was! Or at least he thought he could be. Why not? Twenty years vanished in quicksilver. He was back! It was as easy as 1-2-3. It was the read more >>

The Present Coming out of the woods near the end of a lovely meander through melting snow, sun out, I hear a dog fight up ahead at the bend. I still the dogs, hoping that a short wait will afford us a window: just after the dogs heading up hill and just behind the ones heading down. But no such read more >>

Deliverance Reading in the Times how for years Bowie walked down Manhattan streets un-accosted, so unlike his many on-stage personas he was nearly invisible—just a baseball hat, a pair of cargo shorts and a fuck-you finger pointed to the ground. Maybe some aging hipster flashes a thought: “That guy looks a lot like David Bowie.” But maybe not even. Davie read more >>

Changes No wonder we search for it All our days. No wonder We seek just a glimpse of it And, catching that glimpse, Are changed. Gregory Orr The first man crossed over the road quickly—a brief head-turn to gauge my distance and speed—and onto the other side in plenty of time. The second man, not looking up, rushed awkwardly into read more >>