Dear American Airlines

Dear American Airlines

I was sitting on the aisle in an emergency exit row not far from the first class partition. Snacks were being served. Two stewardesses were taking orders from the passengers in the seats before me. A woman was waiting in the aisle across from me; she had returned from the mid-cabin rest room and was blocked by the cart. I saw read more >>

Falafel 5K I volunteered the other day for the JCC’s “Falafel 5K” as a course marshal. They gave me a corner to monitor and this strange little red vest. The signs were clear, with arrows leading the runners down hill and through the dogleg onto the home stretch. It was shady, my spot in the middle of a quaint neighborhood. read more >>

Marginalia At the back of a paperback pulled off the shelf, I find a few fragments of marginalia jotted years before. I have no recollection of writing these lines. Notes toward a short story? He asked her to meet him in a strange city, at such and such a hotel, on the last Saturday of August. She hadn’t promised she’d read more >>

Jewish The day after the Orlando shooting—my son’s Bar Mitzvah only hours complete—our families are over at the house celebrating. On the lookout for AA batteries, I stop by Lin and Linda’s place. They are sitting in their living room dejectedly, watching television, close to tears. I sit down with them and try to take in the reports. It’s just read more >>

Zines I went to Zine Fest the other day. It was held here in Asheville at the Grey Eagle. A little dark but what a fantastic collection of funky, independent presses, hobbyists and anarchists! About 25 tables. Everything from arts collectives to handmade alt. comic books to punk pamphlets. There was this tragically hip young dude, handsomely tatttoed and pierced; read more >>