No Trespassing 
 My boy’s team is meeting at Biltmore Lake to celebrate the end of a long season. The Brownings have reserved a point, replete with fire pit, a couple of picnic tables. Two sturdy ducks with red masks parole the area like boardwalk thugs. A loose circle of parents drink beer. I watch as Bob stacks wood for the bonfire. Oh, read more >>

Dog Park The same man I’d seen earlier in the week was back, his adorable puppy, Jade, already tumbling and tussling with ours. This time I was alone, and he was with his wife or girlfriend. Quick hellos. I recognized a young couple sitting on a bench from my visits to Luella’s, where they serve me beer and leave me read more >>

AKA Everything I was standing in line at the post office, six or seven back. We were in that common traffic jam slow-down mode, with one guy sending a huge tube to some far off country, in need of insurance and insurance on top of the insurance. And some other poor soul counting out change at a glacial pace. My read more >>

Across the Tracks Six, seven farmers sitting around a cluster of metal tables in a roadside diners’ back room. Talk swerves to local gossip. One of the younger guys, cap back on his head, says to no one: “Drivin’ up 130 the other night I near rode up on Larry’s truck, the hay bales were hanging so low over the read more >>

Her Hair A disheveled woman in her early 60s was standing inside the elevator. She seemed confused or, at least, in the middle of a perplexing thought. After a brief hesitation, she stepped out, giving me a polite smile. I stepped in and pushed the button for the main floor. Just as the door was sliding closed, the woman turned read more >>