The Life & Times of American Crow…

is a serialized collage-novel made up of 11 chapbooks. The complete boxed-set contains American Crow’s long lost travel journals, which consist of collage art, drawings & typed text. {click Image of book to view more}

American Crow…

tells the story of Linus Grey, a young artist who sets out on a cross-country journey to San Francisco. After losing track of his girlfriend, Sara, Linus gradually slides into a ditch of depression. In an attempt to rejuvenate his life, Linus gets a tattoo, renames himself “American Crow,” & returns home in an attempt to reconnect with his best friend, Alistair. Things go poorly, and Linus hits the road again. After a disastrous stint at his brother Ezra’s in Seattle, Crow returns to San Francisco to face his fate once & for all.

A postcard (or some other surprise) inside each chapbook

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