Determined She is famous among those of us who pay attention. Famous for walking back and forth along Tunnel and River Roads. She roams as far out as Bee Tree and far into town as the Asheville Mall. That’s about a 10-mile range. You can see her striding determinedly along the edge of the road most every morning and then read more >>

War v Peace Ten minutes into the new Avengers movie I knew I was in trouble. The small theater was full, half with adults with kids and half with adults, and the sound was earthshaking. The movie rumbled like an elephant barreling down a bowling alley. I was expecting it. I’d seen enough blockbusters to know what I was in for. The strangely read more >>

Move Reading Oliver Sacks’ memoir, written at the end of his long & illustrious life, inspires me on a whole host of levels. Just at the level of accomplishment, of course, but more deeply—& more interestingly—concerning his suffering & the setbacks he weathered & overcame. Growing up gay in a unforgiving, unseeing society, being deeply shy, working under the demands read more >>