LSD I experimented with LSD, and with mushrooms, during and after college. A few decades since I last tripped. And, I must admit, I look back on those experiences with fondness and appreciation. I came out of them a better, more fully engaged person. Likewise, I see LSD as having truly transformed my brother, allowing him to shed an overly read more >>

from Curtis Bauer: There’s a flower bloom leaning in the wind, as if peeking a view into the studio on one side, piles of books and papers from a box sent from Spain a year ago that finally arrived, double-boxed and torn, blemishing the table top around me, bikes against the wall, the old Signal fan on top of a read more >>

Display A neighbor spies us lighting firecrackers down in the gulley. He’s scrounging for something in the grass. “We’re lighting fireworks off in our yard at dusk. Come on up. Bring what you got left.” An hour later Avery and I trek up the hill to find a dozen or so adults crowded onto a front yard watching twice as read more >>

Wild You talk about wanting to get higher then higher, climbing up out of the tourist realm, “ahead of the wave,” up early to find the elusive summit. Machu Picchu. The first world’s collective wet dream of spiritual sanctuary. You were there, you tell me, as you walk the ghost streets of Lubbock and I trek down into a familiar read more >>

Breath Fight or flight, my therapist tells me. That root impulse. Cellular tug. But now, she asks, how often are you really in danger? Is your reaction in balance with the circumstance? I must admit, hardly ever. The driver who cut me off…the jerk downtown who won’t take my order at the bar…they are not my enemies. Though I want read more >>