Highlands The elderly woman brushed us aside with a harsh hand gesture. “Go, go,” she was saying. “Get out of my sight.” I’d been late to see her and her white-haired partner crossing the intersection and so had stopped short. I’d gestured them on, apologetically. Her brusque response commanded us to drive on through. I laughed. It was as if read more >>

Flag It’s been over two weeks since the Confederate flag came down off the South Carolina capitol building. Since then, I keep seeing confederate flags in the back of pickup trucks. Flag bumper stickers, flag t-shirts, flag murals, flag hats. Always been here but especially conspicuous now. Hard not to read the recent uptick as a big “fuck you” to read more >>

Listening to Something Else At the end of “One for Daddy-O,” a eight-minute cut off Cannonball Adderly’s now classic album, Miles Davis croaks out into the voluminous silence, “That what you want, Alfred?” At least, I think it’s Miles. It sure sounds like his trademark rasp. And the wicked smile built into those five words sounds like Miles, too. It’s read more >>

Camp I join my boy in the lice check line. Whenever one of the soon-to-be campers passes the test, he or she lets out a little whoop. Avery shakes his head and whispers, “Not having lice is not a good reason to cheer.” When he passes his exam I refrain from clapping. Thing is, our water heater has been out read more >>

After Death, What? Act One. The shock from the electric fence knocked me sideways. I’d bumped my shoulder into it unwittingly opening the driveway gate. Horses were grazing in the backfield the first time I’d visited, but I’d forgotten, and so didn’t notice the thin wire running atop the fences on both sides of the long drive. In such close read more >>