Waterpark The sudden downpour that cleared the decks has packed up and moved on. The sun blares down. The speakers blast Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones.” Families troll past in swim trunks, teens move in small packs, on the lookout for a brand of adventure they will not find here. The young lifeguard is moving so deeply inside a bored loop—eyes read more >>

Specific Down for breakfast in the Hotel Providence, early. Pulling a menu from a basket, the hostess recites, “Party of one?” I look around for my friends. “I am joining a group.” She smiles: “You’re the first. Right this way.” She gestures me toward an empty dining room. “I guess I’ll come back,” I say and head into the lobby read more >>

Dolphins I’d not been sitting at the end of the long dock more than a minute before noticing a fin break the surface. My walk had been over rivulets inside marsh grass; I didn’t expect to see a dolphin this far up river—dawdling its way inland, checking out each little watery cul-de-sac. First one eye out, then submersion, then under read more >>

Improvise I like to sit in 5 Walnut’s back room—a little art gallery—and drink a beer as I read a book or jot notes down on my pad. Usually it’s just me back here. I open the door to let breeze in, play jazz quietly on my phone. Today B. joins me; he plops down in a nearby chair and lets read more >>

Inspector A car creeps along our narrow one-way, turning around at the dead end. It’s the building inspector. He’s lost. He ends up parking half in our neighbor’s driveway, half in the street. Before he gets out, I suggest he move into my drive. The guy seems pissed. He puts the car in gear and shoots the twenty yards forward. But, instead of read more >>